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People procrastinate because of the false belief that they need motivation in order to act. The truth? They have to act to be motivated. Force yourself to start a project and you’ll see.                                               –  Harold Taylor

This is the time of year to assess: How does your home look? How are you doing at stuff management? With this in mind, I’ve been studying the art of Feng Shui, learning ways to create better energy in my home.

Author, Mary Lambert, talks about applying Feng Shui to clutter management and suggests that homes tend to have 5 basic clutter “hot spots.” Consider these and ask yourself if you’d agree, in terms of your own home:

ENTRYWAY— where those entering get a first impression of your home. Make it open, bright, well-lit, and welcoming to encourage good energy. Too often, this area is crowded with STUFF, thus creating a heavy and uncaring atmosphere that affects the entire home. Piles stacked by the entrance symbolize life as being a struggle and opportunities barred.

THE BACK DOOR— like the front door, should be free of unsightly things. Clear entries create an energetic atmosphere that fills everyone with peace and comfort.

CORRIDORS and PASSAGEWAYS— either side of doorways and in wall recesses. When corridors and hallways are overcrowded and congested, this creates feelings of restriction, frustration, and like life is just a lot of hard work.

ATTICS— store our past and are full of mementos and memorabilia that often we don’t want or even like. Storing this stuff creates a feeling of being burdened. After streamlining, this feeling leaves and lightness and possibility emerges.

BASEMENTS— hold things we don’t want to decide about NOW. Keeping this area orderly is crucial; if it’s neglected, you feel miserable, lethargic, and without direction. If you’re feeling weighed down and immobile, it may be that basement clutter is the cause.

Other Feng Shui observances? 1) A cluttered, messy desk creates confusion and feelings of being out-of-control. 2) A messy living room coffee table creates restlessness. 3) Crowded bathroom surfaces slow energy, making you feel unsettled.

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, you have to admit there’s some truth to it. So take time NOW to deal with “hot spots” you might have. The peace and upbeat energy your home will gain is worth your time, and it’s great preparation for the coming months!

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